Wellness Program Development
No wellness program is complete without an embodiment component! I design and tailor wellness programs to meet the specific needs of health care professionals, therapists, coaches and educators. I also assist in developing unique components into your wellness programs that focus on a physical, psychological, spiritual and educational integration of various forms of meditation, movement and body work. Because of my broad and extensive background I can offer an overview of various wellness components that will deepen your own offering and program. I also collaborate and can facilitate part of your program with a tailored embodiment program. How It Works: I will help you define the specific requirements of a wellness program that are suitable for your clients and business. I will uncover where you are coming from, what you are offering. We will clarify the purpose of why you would be integrating an embodiment aspect in your program, and we will hone in and create specific modules with a wide range of movement practices. I will also train and educate you in learning different forms of movement that you can apply and integrate.
Wellness Programs and Workshops for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
I develop corporate wellness programs designed to improve overall work satisfaction, create better work-life balance for employees, and increase work performance, productivity and expression of talent. These programs help create happier, healthier and more satisfied employees.  How it works: I will help you assess the specific needs and goals to define in your wellness program. We will then identify what resources (existing and new) you will need in order to support the wellness program. I will help connect you with any additional wellness or health partners that you may want to integrate. We will create specific guidelines for the program and develop specifically tailored activities, exercises and components that reflect the requirements and needs of your employees. I can also collaborate with you and facilitate part of your own program.
Wellness Concierge Services
I am highly skilled helping you explore and connect with the right health care practitioners, healers, and specialists that will provide you with a comprehensive strategy and support system for all of your wellness needs. 30 years of modalities have led me to connect with the brightest minds and fields of education and wellness. I have fully connected with a wide range of health professionals. I bring in the most innovative integrated in health, wellness education and personal development. We go beyond the basics of health coaching to work with your human potential and personal transformation from the inside out. As your trusted advocate I will connect you with my extensive network and integrative health care professionals to ensure the best possible outcome.