Wellness Coaching & Concierge
This coaching program is designed to optimize your fullest human potential in all areas of your life. Together we will identify your biggest health challenges, prioritize your health and life goals, and develop a personalized wellness strategy that facilitates peak performance, energy, resiliency, and well-being. As your personal wellness concierge I will be your trusted advocate. I will connect you with my extensive network of integrative health care professionals to ensure the best possible outcome of our strategy.
Women’s Embodiment
A fully embodied woman experiences herself as blissful, confident, and connected to her life’s purpose. This program will unveil your passions and desires to discover the underlying sources of your fulfillment. You will learn how to access your innate wisdom and align with your core values and ideals. I will use body-based wisdom practices to illuminate many aspects of your highest path.
Get The F*&@K Out Of Pain
We will go deep into the source of where, why and how you experience pain. We take a look at — and find the strategies you can bring into your life to manage, heal yourself and uncover the roots of your pain, which means being more connected to your own energy and your true self. You will access your own energy and power and discover tools that will bring you to learn to experience pleasure again. Learn to go beyond your pain and discover what you want into your life. Your daily exercise will show immediate results.